Enforcing your Intellectual Property rights online can, well, suck.

Lexsynergy is here to fix that. Our affordable and effective solutions will enforce your rights by finding and eliminating websites that infringe on your IP or abuse your brand.

Watch Services

Lexsynergy’s Domain Watch Report monitors the use of your trade mark as a domain, identifying domains that include and that are similar to your trade mark. Monitoring your trade mark online is essential for alerting you to the threats of domain squatting, typo squatting, and other infringements. Your domain is your online trade mark. If your domain name is abused, your brand is abused, and your reputation can suffer.

Website Takedowns

Our take-down service gives you the power to remove images, webpages or websites that infringe upon your Intellectual Property, including phishing activity and associated email addresses.


  • We do not just take the service down, we make sure that it stays down. If it reappears within three months, we will take it down at no additional cost.


  • Our experience and know-how in this area enables us to act with speed and decisiveness.

Social Media Takedowns

We remove or take down social media accounts that infringe upon your Intellectual Property rights. The service covers social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), blog platforms (i.e. Tumblr, Blogspot, Wordpress), online video sharing websites (i.e. YouTube, Dailymotion), free encyclopedias (i.e. Wikipedia), App stores and others.

Online Marketplace Takedowns

Counterfeit listings on online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba can have serious implications on profits, online sales and brand reputation. We remove online marketplace listings that infringe upon your Intellectual Property rights.

Domain Disputes

Lexsynergy has, over the last 10 years, recovered hundreds of domains for brand owners and law firm clients via various country domain dispute resolution procedures, such as the United States (usDRP), United Kingdom (DRS), China, (cnDRP), India (inDRP), New Zealand (NZ DRS) and South Africa (ADR). These procedures allow trade mark owners to recover domains through a fast track administrative process at a lower cost.


Generic domain extensions (e.g. .com and .shop) also have an administrative process called the UDRP that allows trade mark owners to recover infringing domains in approximately 60 days.


All the domain complaints we prepare are drafted in-house by our team of legal experts, which has maintained a 100% success rate.

Domain Audits

Lexsynergy’s Global Domain Audit is the “health-check” of a domain portfolio that provides the blueprint to determine the most efficient way to manage domains and protect your business against brand abuse in the future. Our domain audit identifies all domains that contain your trademark which will allow you to identify domains in your control, domains managed by third parties and trade mark infringements. As part of the audit, we also compare your trade mark and domain portfolios to ensure they are fully aligned. We close any gaps by registering domains in a systematic and coordinated way to strengthen your online brand protection.

Lexsynergy is a leading global domain name registrar and online brand protection company.

Our niche domain services are tailored for law firms and trademark owners. We align trademarks with domains to ensure complete protection and reduce exposure to online risk. Our services include domain registrations and renewals, customized domain strategies, portfolio audits, watch reports, website and social media takedowns, domain recoveries and UDRP filings. Our Brand Protection department has been enforcing Intellectual Property rights online for over 11 years with a 100% success rate in domain dispute resolution complaints and has recovered thousands of domains for brand owners.